I have a little over four minutes to write this post.

Well, looking at the clock it appears that I now have three minutes. 

No worries.  I should start with something simple: I am drinking too much, not exercising enough and not eating the right kind of foods.  This is not a disaster and I am still relatively fit and healthy, but things are still not good.  Although I did manage to run a marathon a little over two weeks ago I still feel that I am neglecting my health. This blog, alongside a small pocket diary, is one attempt to overcome that particular problem.  If I keep a record of what I am doing then I am more likely to choose to take control and improve things.  That, at least, is the theory.  My four minutes are now up.

More tomorrow, maybe.


Videos from my phone for Ambrose

Hi Ambrose, I’ve just bought a new (second hand) phone for 37 GBP as I was finally paid for some work I did some time back and hated my previous phone more than I should have.  What I’ve got now is a Nokia N8 and I was so pleased with the quality of the video I thought I’d upload these videos for you:

and another one:

and another: